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Enhancing DevOps Efficiency: New Account Health Monitoring Feature Released

Michael Shelton

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In our commitment to continuously enhance the security and operational efficiency of customer's cloud environments, we're excited to unveil the Account Health feature, integrated into a newly developed CloudFormation stack called "Monitoring." This advanced feature is designed to significantly improve the monitoring capabilities for essential developer tools, with a focus on Amazon GuardDuty and Shelvery.

The Need for Enhanced Monitoring

As digital environments grow more complex, the need for proactive monitoring becomes crucial. Maintaining continuous surveillance over security and backup tools is essential to ensure the integrity and safety of data. The Account Health feature is engineered to provide this vital layer of security and reliability through meticulous monitoring and immediate alerting.

Comprehensive GuardDuty Monitoring

Amazon GuardDuty is a pivotal threat detection service that continuously scans for malicious or unauthorized activity. Our new monitoring framework enhances GuardDuty's effectiveness by:

  • Ensuring Detection Continuity: Constantly verifies that at least one active GuardDuty detector  (A detector is a resource that represents the GuardDuty service) is operational in each environment, which is crucial for ongoing security alerts.

  • CloudWatch Integration: If a detector is absent, the Monitoring stack automatically pushes a metric to Amazon CloudWatch, facilitating real-time operational surveillance.

  • Rapid Response Mechanisms: CloudWatch alarms are triggered based on pre-built metrics, prompting investigation to reinstate GuardDuty’s protective monitoring.

Shelvery Monitoring for Backup Integrity

Shelvery is an automated backup management tool for AWS, designed to simplify the backup process for resources like EC2 instances, RDS databases, and EBS volumes. It offers customizable retention policies and multi-region support to ensure efficient and compliant data protection. Integrating seamlessly with AWS services, such as Amazon CloudWatch, Shelvery enhances disaster recovery and operational reliability in cloud environments. Our monitoring ensures:

  • Configuration Verification: Regular checks are conducted to ensure that Shelvery configurations are correctly set and fully operational.

  • Alerts on Misconfigurations: Misconfigurations, such as improper backup parameters or schedules, result in specific metrics being pushed to CloudWatch.

  • Quick Correction Processes: Corresponding CloudWatch alarms enable rapid interventions to rectify any detected misconfigurations, preventing potential backup failures.

Benefits of the Account Health Feature

This new feature offers numerous advantages:

  • Proactive Issue Detection: By continuously monitoring tools like GuardDuty and Shelvery, it helps in identifying and resolving potential issues pre-emptively.

  • Automated Alerts and Actions: Integration with CloudWatch ensures that any operational anomalies are quickly identified and addressed, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

  • Strengthened Security and Reliability: Ensures that all measures protecting and backing up resources are constantly operational, enhancing the overall stability and security of cloud operations.

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier cloud management that enhances the security and efficiency of your operations. The Account Health feature marks another step forward in our ongoing effort to provide the best in cloud service innovations. Contact us for more information on how we can help you reduce your risks in the Cloud.

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