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    4 Key Challenges of Taking your SaaS Product Global – Part 1: Compliance

    Aaron Walker | 6 Minute Read

    Discover what it takes to take your SaaS product global with AWS in our six-part blog series. Part one explores how to navigate compliance to thrive internationally.

    Are outsourced managed services presenting a security risk to your business?

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Outsourced managed services can pose security risks to businesses. Learn how to mitigate these risks through security clauses in service agreements and proactive measures.

    PCI Compliance on AWS - Get 71 requirements covered out-of-the-box

    Jared Brook | 12 Minute Read

    How to quickly achieve and maintain PCI compliance on AWS with base2Services. Find out the steps to get started and which 71 out of 296 PCI requirements are covered out-of-the-box, saving you time and headaches.

    How base2Services Slashes the Compliance Burden for standards like PCI, HIPAA and SOX

    Aaron Walker | 2 Minute Read

    Audits for PCI, HIPAA, or SOX compliance can be a lengthy, manual process. Find out how base2Services can help you automate and standardize much of the compliance auditing and reporting process.