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    Cloud Security Consulting: Why you need a DevOps Mindset

    Aaron Walker | 10 Minute Read

    How a DevOps mindset delivers more effective cloud security consulting engagements.

    How DevOps Consulting and Managed Services Drive Successful Cloud Migrations

    Aaron Walker | 10 Minute Read

    A combined approach to DevOps consulting and managed services delivers the most successful cloud migrations. Here’s the how and why.

    Cloud-Native Explained – Transformation and Cloud-Native Technologies

    John Passakos | 2 Minute Read

    What is Cloud-Native? Find out how businesses can leverage Cloud-Native Technologies to transform their operations and benefit from increased agility, lower costs, improved scalability, and enhanced security.

    The Guide to SaaS Tool Management in your business

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized how we work today. Explore the benefits and challenges of using many SaaS tools in your business and understand the key considerations to manage them all.

    How to bridge the gap between developers and the cloud with an outsourced DevOps team

    Arthur Marinis | 2 Minute Read

    The gap between developers and the cloud can lead to costly issues and impact profitability. Discover how an outsourced DevOps team bridges this gap, ensuring seamless communication and improved business results.

    How to Start and Stop instances on AWS automatically

    Nikola Tosic | 4 Minute Read

    Cut costs and optimize your infrastructure on AWS by automating the start and stop of instances. Learn how to save money with cloud providers and automate operations with the cfn_manage tool. | How-to tech post | Code sample

    Becoming Agile - The 5-Step DevOps Strategy for Success in the Cloud

    Arthur Marinis | 4 Minute Read

    Learn how to successfully implement a 5-step DevOps strategy for success in the cloud. Discover the core principles and tools needed for agility and value in your organization.

    5 Ways to Get More Out of Cloud Computing

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Learn how to get the most out of cloud computing with these 5 essential strategies. From becoming agile to leveraging automation and scalability, discover the key steps to optimize your cloud capabilities.

    Why You're Building the Cloud the Wrong Way

    Arthur Marinis | 1 Minute Read

    In the world of cloud architecture, many businesses are prioritizing technology over their own objectives. Learn how focusing on your business vision first is crucial for successful cloud migration.

    An old integration problem is new again

    Arthur Marinis | 2 Minute Read

    Discover the challenges of integrating cloud-based solutions with your other business solutions. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of spider web integrations and the importance of having a strategic integration strategy.

    Is your IT disaster ready?

    Arthur Marinis | 2 Minute Read

    Protecting your organisation from unplanned downtime is extremely important. Learn how to plan your IT to be disaster ready and ensure business continuity with cloud-based solutions.