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    How DevOps Consulting and Managed Services Drive Successful Cloud Migrations

    Aaron Walker | 10 Minute Read

    A combined approach to DevOps consulting and managed services delivers the most successful cloud migrations. Here’s the how and why.

    Maximizing Cloud Efficiency: Strategic Cost Control

    Arthur Marinis | 2 Minute Read

    With the latest advancements in cloud technology and base2's tools, businesses can significantly reduce expenses by intelligently managing how and when environments are utilized

    Cloud-Native Explained – Transformation and Cloud-Native Technologies

    John Passakos | 2 Minute Read

    What is Cloud-Native? Find out how businesses can leverage Cloud-Native Technologies to transform their operations and benefit from increased agility, lower costs, improved scalability, and enhanced security.

    How to deploy a Quarkus Lambda Application using Lambda Containers

    Aaron Walker | 6 Minute Read

    This step-by-step demo explains in detail how to deploy a Quarkus Lambda Application using Lambda Containers on AWS. | How-to tech post | Code Sample

    The Guide to SaaS Tool Management in your business

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized how we work today. Explore the benefits and challenges of using many SaaS tools in your business and understand the key considerations to manage them all.

    How outsourcing could be the difference for your SaaS company

    Arthur Marinis | 4 Minute Read

    Partnering with the right company can be the key to success for SaaS companies, providing faster delivery and supporting growth. If you are considering whether to outsource, here are some reasons why you should.

    Are outsourced managed services presenting a security risk to your business?

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Outsourced managed services can pose security risks to businesses. Learn how to mitigate these risks through security clauses in service agreements and proactive measures.

    Make your pipeline match your needs - The hard questions to ask before automating your development pipeline

    Jared Brook | 4 Minute Read

    Want to automate your pipeline? We cover the important questions you should ask to determine what level and types of automation make sense for your business.

    AWS / Tech

    Using Cfhighlander to create reusable and modular AWS CloudFormation templates

    Angus Vine | 2 Minute Read

    Learn how to create reusable CloudFormation templates for managing AWS resources in a modular way. This developer workshop covers creating a VPC, deploying bastion and ECS components, and more. | How-to tech post | Code sample

    PCI DSS Compliance on AWS - Get 71 requirements covered out-of-the-box

    Jared Brook | 12 Minute Read

    How to quickly achieve and maintain PCI compliance on AWS. Find out the steps to get started and which 71/296 PCI requirements are covered out-of-the-box, saving time and headaches.

    Don't hire just the one person to do your DevOps

    Arthur Marinis | 4 Minute Read

    How to avoid the most common mistake companies make when it comes to DevOps? Uncover the benefits of DevOps as a Service. Improve efficiency, automate deployments, and gain confidence in your processes.

    The case for CI/CD - Why every company needs an automated pipeline to production

    Arthur Marinis | 3 Minute Read

    Discover the importance of implementing CI/CD in your software development process. Learn how continuous integration, delivery, and deployment can increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the overall quality of your code.

    How base2Services Slashes the Compliance Burden for standards like PCI, HIPAA and SOX

    Aaron Walker | 2 Minute Read

    Audits for PCI, HIPAA, or SOX compliance can be a lengthy, manual process. Find out how base2Services can help you automate and standardize much of the compliance auditing and reporting process.

    How to bridge the gap between developers and the cloud with an outsourced DevOps team

    Arthur Marinis | 2 Minute Read

    The gap between developers and the cloud can lead to costly issues and impact profitability. Discover how an outsourced DevOps team bridges this gap, ensuring seamless communication and improved business results.